Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas to all! This year has been a relaxing stress free (outside of work) holiday season! I just kicked back and relaxed through it all. I am looking forward to the coming of the new year and many new adventures.

I had hoped to buy a new house this past year but that just wasn’t in the cards. This coming year I will be in a position to look into getting a place. I want something close to Pittsburgh but yet 20 acres or larger. The house size, shape and color is irrelevant, but the property must be a perfect balance of nature! A pond, some woods and some open fields are a must have!

Merry Christmas all!

New Blog by Rich Glass

Since I haven’t done much of anything with this site since 2016, I have decided to once again give this a shot and write at least one new article a day. I plan to write about current affairs. BEER! Throw in some music opinion and maybe a movie or two. Jokes and memes stolen from other places you may not be a part of around the web. If you have found your way here. Bookmark the site and check back once in a while.