I decided to start investing for fun and profit.

So back in mid January 2020 I decided to open an investment account. I dropped in $1500 right away and started with the companies pre-made portfolios because as of that time, I knew absolutely nothing about investing either long term, short term or any

Since then I have learned a great deal of information. I have watched lots of YouTube videos to at least learn some of the terminology and strategies out there. Having ADD in HD it takes a lot to keep me focused on any one thing for very long. I am finding that learning the stock market is quite fascinating and entertaining and fun. Well, it is fun when I am doing well.

As I learn some stuff I will share it on here with anyone that happens to stop by and read what I have written. I will be making it a priority to post at least one thing a day. Whether it is an update on the market. My take on a particular news event. My travels or whatever else I may feel like talking about or sharing.

Have a great day and God Bless America!!!


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