My First Impression Webull. Review Is Not Good! I changed my mind!!! I like it!!!

So upon the hype of some YouTube videographers that I watch I am giving Webull a try. It was easy enough to sign up for and the approval process went a lot faster than what they tout. One problem right of the start is that you have to use one of their “APP” platforms. It comes in multiple flavors, Android, Apple or PC. That was all well and good until I tried to navigate around inside the app. It is a little hard to do. You have to just take some time and look thru it to figure out where everything is hiding. It is actually way more intuitive than RobinHood and more reliable

Second thing that I didn’t like was the rejection of a fund transfer that I attempted to make last week. I had initially transferred $100, made a second one for another $100, then the third one was rejected saying that I had reached my limit of transfers. HUH? It appears that they will not let you do unlimited transfers. I believe they will clear when the other two “settle”. You are only allowed two unsettled transfers at one time so just know how much you want to transfer at any given time and you will be OK. It takes 3-5 days to settle depending when you do the transfer.

Next thing that I don’t like is that I wanted to buy 25 shares of a stock that was under one dollar. NOPE! You have to buy over 100 if the stock is under one dollar. If that isn’t some crap then I don’t know what is. Since I was brand new to investing and didn’t know anything. I quickly learned you don’t want to mess with stocks under a dollar. They could be what is called “de-listed” from the market and go into what is called and OTC market (over the counter) and free brokers charge to trade them or you have to go to the OTC marketplace to buy them.

So the way I see it now is that after giving it a month I would now recommend Webull for sure! It is free to trade so if that is what your main focus is on single stocks then maybe you should try it for yourself maybe you will like it too. Just take the time to give it a chance. If you do decide to give it a try use this link to get yourself two free stocks.

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