Total Fear Mongering! Beer Bug (COVID-19)

I don’t know about anyone else but I am quite disturbed that the media has made such a ridiculous spectacle of this COVID-19 virus. First of all the complete government overreach of shutting down basically the whole world!

Toilet paper, paper towel and cleaning product hoarding is off the charts! IT’S A UPPER RESPIRATORY ILLNESS NOT EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA ILLNESS WTFF! Stores should have implemented rationing a lot sooner because now there is a real crisis with a toilet paper shortage going on! Hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol GONE!

Some of the people I know think this is warranted but, but, but, of course they are blaming President Trump for blah, blah, blah, (Derangement Syndrome) Blah! He acted before any known cases were found in the US but the media lies about that. Obama let H1N1 walk right in the front door and the numbers from that were astronomical and devastating. Nothing was shut down that I can remember during that pandemic.

While I think that quick thinking in shutting down large gatherings of people is a good idea, I do not agree that it is the government that should be telling us what we can and cannot do!

I guess we just have to wait and see where this goes. I believe the fear mongering is just the beginning, a test run on something bigger coming down the road so be vigilant. Stock up but do not overstock up. Leave some stuff on the shelves for others that may not have been as smart as you think you were hoarding all the supplies.

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