Walking Dead Mentality Through This COVID-19 Situation is BULLSHIT!

So years ago there came into being a “Collector Mentality” that pretty much made it impossible to buy anything for the future as a collectable because everyone was “saving” items “specifically” to make money off of them in the future.  Doing this completely eliminated the possibility of just about anything the might be collectable in the future, maybe worth a little more, but not the rare item top dollar that things our ancestors used or bought and just forgot they had and it never was opened or used per se.

That being said along comes the COVID-19 Coronavirus and all of a sudden the whole world is going apeshit and hoarding everything they can get their disgusting hands on.  Shelves are bare, people are scared, idiots abound!  It is finally calming down but I see things that people NEVER buy unless they run out have still not been restocked.  Major ones that come to mind are flour, sugar, toilet paper, yeast (of all things), and because PA has an asshole for a governor, booze.

Where has society gone wrong?  It is a cold/flu bug for crying out loud.  Nobody is turning into a zombie!  YET!  Why has everyone completely lost their mind?  I would say that too many people watch “The Walkin Dead” and think that life as we know it will just stop forever and if they don’t stock up now they will starve to death.

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